About Us

We are Cape Town, South Africa based master restorers of vintage Land Rover Defender’s, taking pride in our transformation process of well looked-after, vintage collectible’s into showroom masterclasses.

We have undertaken numerous rebuilds over the years. Each one is different to the next, each bringing it’s own challenges to the table when restoring.  Despite all challenges, we make the life-long goal of our clients, of having a vintage beauty turned into a  showpiece collectable, a reality.

We pride ourselves on ample testing of our Defender's, both on and off road, before going into the market, thus ensuring optimal quality standards for our clients.

With clients interacting with our company from over 5 countries around the globe, we pride ourselves on offering our Land Rover Defender Re-builds WORLDWIDE.

Our Defender’s are brought in after a first life of duty throughout Southern Africa, after originally coming over from the United Kingdom. We then either fully nut&bolt restore the vehicle, or partially restore the vehicle, ultimately to suit the clients desires. The end product is then finally shipped WORLDWIDE for the second tour of duty with the new owner.

Completely Bespoke

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