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With 34 inch tyres, beautifully diamond-stitched napa leather interior, side pipes and Panoramic windows, this is the best looking 110 Station Wagon you will ever lay eyes on. Driving ‘Trooper’, as we’ve christened her, certainly turns more heads than any of our creations.

With steel rims and classic colour codes we feel this combination best represents the original design principles of the Defender.

The burnt orange colour, Terrafirma bullbar and sawtooth rims are an ode to the last series brought out by Land Rover. Our first edition we’ve named ‘Horizon’



The Land Rover Defender is simply one of the most iconic and important off road vehicles ever built. Roots stem back to a more agricultural application, with inspiration taken from the Willys Jeep.


Besides serving with distinction in military theatres around the world, they are equally at home in the garage, farm yard or perhaps a showroom - what a sight these beasts are alongside a sports car. 


They’ve crossed deserts to deliver food to the hungry, explored inaccessible territories, helped map the world, brought law and order to hostile places and even helped save the rarest of animals by transporting the specialists required, no matter the terrain.

The vehicle that truly has NO LIMITS.


By joining the exclusive Defender fraternity, the friendly ‘Defender wave’ or nod of approval is customary when seeing another pass in the opposite direction; a shared recognition that you both know exactly what they’re like to drive and own, and the history behind it


If they’re good enough for the Queen of England, then one is certainly good enough for you and your queen.

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